2019 was the most difficult year of my life – I had two miscarriages. After the second miscarriage, I lost my will to live. My husband did not know how to help me and I did not know how to do it either. I had difficulties with falling asleep and then waking up for work. I had nightmares, ate very little and thought about death. I struggled with basic life activities. I felt powerless, without energy and no hope for the future.

At some point I realized that I need help. I took The Crossway Pregnancy leaflet, which I had received in the hospital after the miscarriage. I called the centre and made an appointment (it was just before the first lockdown). I went to the centre and met amazing people, who were compassionate and they were understanding what I was going through. In the centre I was diagnosed with depression.

Due to the lockdown we started online sessions. I discovered and realized how many emotions I had connected with miscarriage . I started to recognize these emotions, which helped me recover from depression. Thanks to Jane and strategies she showed me, I was able to slowly understand and accept my reality. I realised how unhealed emotional wounds were blocking my life. Jane helped me to through the storm of emotion and put me out on a calm sea of acceptance. I overcame depression, started learning a new language and planning for the future. I will recommend the help of The Crossway Pregnancy Centre to everyone because it changed my life.

Names changed for confidentiality